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Group Exercise

What makes GBF's Group Exercise

the best?

All of our classes are multi-level, which means anyone at any fitness level can participate.

Our awesome music, passionate instructors and world-class programming will inspire an exhilarating, fun and effective workout for you! Classes include: Yoga Hatha & Vinyasa, Pilates- mat, athletic & pilatesfit, Results 30/60, Tabata and  GX-punchfit


Top 10 reasons to participate in

Group Exercise:


1. Forget you are working out because you will be having so much fun – great music, moves and coaching.

2. Learn how to exercise properly, safely and effectively.

3. Enjoy great camaraderie in a social atmosphere.

4. Achieve real fitness results.

5. Enjoy flexiblity – the frequency and number of classes offered is sure to fit into your schedule.

6. Find it non-intimidating even if you are a new member or fitness beginner.

7. Gain a feeling of well-being.

8. Experience variety in your workouts with so many different classes to choose from.

9. Be transported to an endorphin high.

10. Feel a sense of achievement, making you feel stronger and more confident.


Class Timetable

To access our Class Timetable, go to Group Fitness Time Table


GBF Tabata Class
Body Combat Class.